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Contents and Learning Objectives

Project management training with projactivity® always takes place within the framework of a seminar. A trainer moderates the group, ensures the acquired learning progress and constantly builds a bridge to practice. In the standard version, the tool forms the basis for a two-day seminar with the following training goals:

Gaining an overview

Unlike computer-based learning-simulations, projactivity® is a haptic business game. An action field, the 'board' , maps all the components of project management. Participant decicions and their resulting consequences are always traceable on the board.

Understanding connections

In a clear way,  projactivity® illustrates the overall context of project management. Young project leaders gain security when applying PM tools, develop a sense of the complex world of project management, and realize what makes project work a success.

Working together efficiently

Experienced project managers view  projactivity® seminars primarily as a reflexive learning process. Why is my team not achieving the expected performance? As a leader, how can I strengthen cooperation? – In addition to imparting compact PM knowledge, projactivity® highlights the influence of human factors on project success.

Gaining experience

During their 'project work' the participants face enormous challenges. Of course, they make wrong decisions and do not achieve their planning goals without losses. But this is quite welcome. In the context of training, the participants gain experience that pays off in practice.

  • Life cycle of a project
  • Importance of the target sizes quality, costs and time
  • Getting to know important PM tools
  • Scheduling, milestones, and deadlines
  • Risk analysis and stakeholder management
  • Resource planning
  • Dealing with changes to the project plan
  • Applying measures to steer a project
  • Responding appropriately to disruptions and events
  • Ensuring efficiency in project work
  • Dealing with conflicts in a project
  • Recognize the importance of active project management
  • Gain security in steering a project
  • Improve decision-making through practice
  • Learn to set priorities
  • Train behavior in difficult project situations
  • Develop a sense of the social aspects of the project
  • Capture the role of project leader
  • Acquire leadership skills for projects
  • Experience the importance of good teamwork

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