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    No. But you should be familiar with the world of work, its processes and concepts. In the standard version, the seminar imparts basic knowledge about project management. In an extended or customized version, as conducted in most of our in-house seminars, the participants need to have some experience in managing projects.
    For students and those who haven't entered working life yet, we would recommend our streamlined beginner course: Getting Started with PM.

    For both target groups. Beginners acquire basic knowledge and gain an overview of the overall context in project management. Experts can review their entrenched ways of thinking and come to discuss the right approach to projects.

Yes. The participants get to know the essential tools in project management and apply them directly. Depending on the target, further PM modules can be integrated into the training.
Seminar groups consisting of project management beginners benefit greatly if the seminar is preceded by a compact PM method training (e.g. half a day). This gives them safety in applying the tools, so that they focus the ‘project work’ during the seminar itself.


No. projactivity® is always conducted as part of a seminar. The trainer instructs the group, ensures the learning progress and makes the transfer into practice. In addition, one of the most important learning goals of projactivity® is to realize the importance of good team work. Intense interaction in the seminar team provides the participants with insights that later pay off in everyday project life.


No. The use of projactivity® is based on a license model and is only carried out by certified trainers. However, it is possible to puchase licenses for large groups of participants and then use them over time, for in-house seminars. Companies that do not carry out in-house training can train individual project managers in our open seminars. We also doffer packages at reduced seminar fees.


    Yes, very easily. projactivity® is perfect for training the application of acquired PM knowledge in a new context. The simulation complements theory training with the concrete application experience.

    Seminar groups with up to twelve participants, i.e. with three working teams, are very well led by one trainer. Larger groups require a co-trainer to look at the results of each team and assist with the moderation. In companies that do large in-house training, the combination of an internal and a Getoq trainer has proven to be particulary useful for learning.

    No. Ideal trainers for the simulation are project management managers, project consultants or dedicated project managers who develop a passion for training with a planning game. If you have project experience, like to moderate in front of a group and are good at dealing with people, we would be happy to help you become a trainer for projactivity®.

Yes, this works particular well.  projactivity® offers a great way to create a consistent project culture in new teams. Both the simulation and the shorter version Getting Started PM have proven themselves worthwhile as team-building events for the start of a project. The only perequisite for working with projactivity® is the steps described under the item trainer certification.

 If you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you.



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