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Learning Method


The intensive work in the team has a high group dynamic value: it demonstrates to each individual the importance of efficient cooperation in the project. Plus, projactivity® is fun! We use motivating factors like team and competitve spirit to allow the paticipants to extend their ambitions and interests until the end of the training.

PM Tools

The project processed in projactivity® is industry-neutral. We talk only about the project, which has the advantage of the paticipants not getting lost in details, but communicating continuously in the language of project management.

From the initial planning to the final review, they work with the core tools in project management and thus gain security in their application.


Regular walk-arounds ensure that the team members look outside the box and see how projects are carried out in other 'companies' (here, seminar teams). Practical reports from the trainer and the more experienced participants round off the transfer sequence.


Learning with planning games means learning in an experience-oriented way. While PowerPoint and classroom training can only create ‘what-if’ scenarios, participants in game seminars experience and overcome challenges directly. Watching, listening, touching – those who learn with projactivity® learn in every way. Its not possible to be more sustainable.

Sketch of a seminar room

Lernmethoden Seminaraufbau

Example: 16 participants

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