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Variants of Application

projactivity®  can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, from an individual qualification to part of an extensive training program.

In-house seminars

Are you planning a PM training course for a specific group of participants, such as prospective project managers?

    We would be happy to work with you to find out which key topics from your project management should be included in the training. With minimal effort, projactivity® and the associated seminar design can be extended with specific content. Depending on the level and the requested scope, we can conduct two- or three-day seminars. In addition to the learning effects of the simulation, any feature from your project practice can be included.

PM Training Programs

For some of our customers we carry out extensive PM qualification programs that provide extensive knowledge about project management.

    As an element in these programs, projactivity® has proven itself to be sustainable, as it helps to ...

  •  establish a common basic understanding.
  •  recognize the importance of cooperation.
  •  understand the importance of structured action in the project.
  •  take over the tasks of the project manager successfully.

Blended Learning Approaches

projactivity® is a great component in blended leraning concepts.

    In addition to face-to-face training with the planning game, we carry out webinar series and create self-learning materials for the participants.

Kick-off Events

Our customers also use projactivity® as a project kick-off event to develop consistent project understanding, motivation and team spirit among colleagues.

Open seminars

We regularly organize two-day seminars for project managers and team members, who gain in-depth insights and first-hand experience with project work.

    The exchange between participants from different companies proves to be very stimulating and insightful. Visit us and get to know about projactivity®!

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